Epoxy floor coating have been used in different types of floors and the results have been great. In case you will like to have the best flooring which will withstand different types of floors, even those that are exposed to a lot of wear and tear agents, you should go for epoxy coating. In case you are looking for Garage Floor Coating which will last for long till you realize the value of your money which you will use in buying them, you should always try and have epoxy coating. Here are benefits you will enjoy after you decide to have epoxy as your Garage Floor Coating:

Aesthetic value of the Coatings

The epoxy coatings are available in different colors and patterns. This makes it easy for you to have your specific coating which will make your home stand out. In case you are looking for Garage Floor Coating which will stand out in your home, then you should go for epoxy coating. To ensure you achieve the best floors, you should always ensure you contact the est. company which will install the coating in a professional way.

Chemically resistant

In case your garage is constantly exposed to potent chemicals which you store in it, you will really benefit after you decide to have epoxy coating installed in the garage. This will avoid you cases where you will be required to repair the garage floor more often which is expensive. You will be assured of a floor that is easy to clean as well as avoiding any effects of the chemicals after you decide to go for the epoxy flooring.

garage epoxy floors5


In your garage you should install flooring that is resistant to slippage, epoxy coating is among the best flooring which you can install and avoid cases of slippage in your garage floor. The flooring can also withstand extreme impact and fire. This ensures that all the belongings which you will store in your garage will be protected after you decide to install this type of flooring.


The flooring materials can achieve high levels of reflectivity. This ensures your garage will be easily lighted after you install bulbs in it. The flooring material is also non-reactive to metals. This ensures you will enjoy low maintenance cost for your car after you decide to have an epoxy flooring in the garage. Epoxy coating is also environmental friendly. This will ensure you run your business in an environment where you will not risk of environmental pollution.

broken-garage-door-cablesThe garage door is a very important investment that safeguards the safety of your family, improves the aesthetic value of your property, and improves the resale value of your home. Garage cables are very important part of the door because they prevent the spring from recoiling and also allows a broken garage door spring to do drop safely when broken. The entire garage door in Wichita KS is held by the torsion springs that are under constant pressure. Due to the wear and tear, spring can break much earlier before completing manufacturer’s cycles. When the spring breaks, it recoils with an extreme force that can damage your car or injure people around. The garage door cables move through the spring and prevents springs from recoiling and also ensure that the broken spring falls harmlessly. The cables hold the entire door and also functions as a essential safety mechanism that ensures the broken garage springs falls harmlessly.

Unfortunately, with time, the garage door cable can get damaged. To get your garage door working properly, it is very important to replace the broken or damaged cables immediately. The following are important tips on how to replace broken garage door cables.

Consider safety first

Before attempting any repair, you should keep safety in mind. Garage door is probably the heaviest moving part in your house. Cables hold the entire garage door and also a very important safety mechanism. Any mishap would cause a lot of damage to the property and injury to the people around. Thus, it is very important to call for a professional services provider. You should not risk your life, it is very important to hire professional garage door service provider.

Find the cause of the problem

Before replacing the cables, it is very important to find the cause of the problem. The cable can either be broken or disconnected. If the cable is not broken but just disconnected, it can be repaired on the spot. The technician will reattach the cable and pull it over the pulleys to ascertain the cables have been properly attached. If the cables are worn or broken and damaged, they will be replaced.

Hiring garage door technicians is very important

It is very important to hire a professional service provider to repair the broken or damaged cables. Repairing cables yourself is very risky and can cause property damage and loss of life. Thus, you should look for a reputable garage door service provider to repair the garage door cables.

For decades, Garage Door Repair Service Seattle has built a reputation for being the best in the garage door services sector. Often tend to ignore the fact that garage doors are the biggest moving parts of our houses. The numerous moving parts which make up the garage doors and their failure poses the threat of potential damage the door as a whole.


Maintenance services-We have enough equipment to provide all garage door maintenance. We have the belief in offering the greatest service to clients by aiding them in evaluation of their garage door requirements to ensure that the doors always function properly.

Inspection services-Doors should normally operate smoothly all the time although they do fail sometimes. Seattle garage doors offers full inspection service to ward off any from door failure. Inspection helps to reveal any hidden door issues

Repair services-We have experience in repairing old garage doors and worn out door components. We repair all door parts including hinges, door drums, rollers, and door drums, bent tracks,door remotes and accessories as well as overhead garage doors.

Installation services-We install doors which are very durable and are tailor-fit to the homeowners’ personal needs. We start the process with onsite consultations with clients to make sure they attain optimum convenience. We thereafter discuss the doors’ designs and additional features after which we aid you in selecting from our wide array of brands and styles.

Garage door opener services-Garage door openers should in their performance ensure convenience, power and safety. Seattle garage doors we offer affordable, durable, automatic, noiseless high performance door openers. These include Amarr, Clopay, wayne Delton and C.H.I overhead doors.

We also offer garage door openers such as;

Lift Master screw-They have the least number of moving parts hence they are very quiet and require very little maintenance.

Lift Master wall mount-This is engineered to operate at even the most extreme climate conditions

8500 elite series wall mount -This provides optimum performance even for very cold or hot temperatures.

Guardian-These are classified into

600 SL

This adjusts automatically through our cutting edge technology that monitors the conditions of your garage door as they change with time.


With a 24V dc motor, this makes sure there is a smooth start /stop for every door operation.

Has 200W of lighting to light up your garage just by pushing a button.

Regular servicing of your door doesn’t only improve the doors’ safety, it also aids you to save lots of cash yearly that could have gone to garage door repair bills. In case you experience any issues with your door that necessitates being acted on immediately, don’t hesitate in contacting us.



New Haven Garage Door is a company that comes with many pros for those people who need to hire the best companies that can offer them excellent door repair services whenever they need to make their homes look great. This reason has made the company get a high reputation from the market whenever they need these excellent door repair services: 

First, you will hire a company that has high level of experience in the market whenever you need the best services. Through their services, you will be sure that the door repair services that they will offer you will be amazing when looking for high quality from the given market. New Haven Garage Door has been in the industry for over 20 years and this gives them wealth of experience for those people who need these services. 

The company also provides free estimates for those people who need to hire their services. This means that whenever you need their door repair and installation services, they will always ensure that you get some of the best services that you would need from the market. Most of the homeowners who have hired these services have always been sure that they will get the best when looking for quality from the market. In the end, you will have an estimate on the amount of money that you need to enable secure what you need. 

New Haven Garage Door provides lifetime warranties for those people who need these services especially when they need quality door installation and repair services. When you hire their services, you should remember that the company would always take measures to offer you excellent services to protect the reputation that they have in within the market.  

Most people who have hired the services of New Haven Garage Door, have always saved money from the services that they provide for the people who need them online. When you hire these services, they will charge you the best prices that would help you save money as opposed to others that exists in the market. Many commercial and residential property owners have been choosing them whenever they need these services. 

The company also offer emergency Services for the 24 Hours as a way of ensuring that they offer excellent services for those people who need them. This has given them a high reputation in the market. In the end, these benefits should help you understand why you need to hire New Haven Garage Door when you need their services. 

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If you are looking for professional door repairmen or installers, there are some best garage repair companies in Sacramento that you can hire. However, not all of these companies are legitimate. So, how can you be able to distinguish between an illegitimate and a legitimate up-sell effort, especially when looking for their services? If you have any garage door related project, here are a few suggestions to help you hire the best garage door repair company Sacramento.
1.Experience in the industry
A reliable and professional garage door installer or repairer should at least have some experience in this industry. When hiring someone to handle your work, it is very critical to inquire about their experience in the business. Apart from their qualification, experience plays an important in role in ensuring your work is perfectly done by the person you hire. For instance, a company with experienced staff members in this field can easily identify and fix the problem with your garage door within no time. A company that has several years of experience is adept with the latest technology and traditional methods.
2.Get recommendations
The first places to check when looking for the service of a garage door repairman or installer are the local classified directories, yellow pages and the internet. In these places, you can find list of services offered by each and every service provider. You can compare them and choose the best garage door repair company Sacramento to deal with your project. In addition, you ask any of your friends or relatives to recommend the best service provider that they might have dealt with before regarding the same services that you are looking for.
3.Verify their customer reviews
Another thing that can really tell more about the service of a given company offering garage door installation and repair services is through verifying the company’s reviews. Most individuals and companies in Sacramento are registered with certain business bureaus who occasionally evaluate them based on customer reviews and complaints. You can check the website of business bureau in your area. Going through some previous customer testimonials for a company is good when looking for such services.
4.Get many bids on the project
In most cases, the majority of people usually rush to choose any garage door repair and installation company that they come across to get their garage doors fixed or repaired. It is sensible and a god idea to receive several bids on your job before you finally choose your most preferred one. This will allow you compare each bid in order to come up with the best price quote on your project.
5.Choose a licensed company
If you are looking for a reliable company in Sacramento, you must also consider this factor. Settling on a professional garage door repairer with appropriate qualifications and training is important as this ensures you an excellent job that worth your money.
Conclusively, with these great tips on how to find the best garage door company Sacramento properly taken into consideration, getting the right company is within your reach. Take your time and get the right person for your job.

You go to your local garage sale looking for a cool piece to decorate your new apartment, and leave with a piece of history that is worth millions! It’s a great story that anyone would love to happen to them. If you’ve ever watched Antique Road Show or another program like that, maybe you have daydreamed about this happening to you, and it is possible. We found this infographic and decided to post it to show that at least 9 times in history people have spent a few dollars and profited thousands or millions of percent on their purchase. Good luck on your treasure hunting.


There are a lot of beautiful garage door designs that are available today. People can select the right design that is suitable for their needs. It is important to compare some great designs that are offered by some professional designers. Finding a good design for the garage door is very useful for most homeowners. Proper design can improve the overall look of the garage door significantly. This article is going to share some recommended high quality designs that are good for any types of garage doors. These beautiful designs are very popular among many homeowners and other customers these days.

Traditional panel design

traditional-steel-170This design becomes very popular today. Many people are interested with this type of garage door design. It offers classic look for most homeowners. This design is good for people who love classic architecture. This design is going to last forever because of its unique appearance. There are some great details that can be found in this panel design. Many people are interested with this design because this design can be used for any types of doors. It can provide comfortable look and feeling in the garage door when people install this traditional panel design for their doors.

This design features recessed and raised panels for improving the overall look of the garage door. There are many types of panels that are available today. People can select their favorite panels based on their needs or preferences. These panels offer beautiful design for all customers. There are some window options that are also available for this type of design. These options allow all customers choose their favorite one easily. Combining some traditional panel designs can improve the overall look of the garage door significantly. This beautiful and stylish panel design is also recommended by many interior designers these days.

Carriage house design

carriage style garage doorsThis is another recommended design that people can choose easily. This design is popular among many homeowners today. It offers old world charm for any types of garage doors. When it is installed properly, it can be used to provide unique look. This design can look like swinging stable door. This house design is suitable for all homeowners who have unique preferences. This design can create contemporary look of the garage door. Many interior designers also use this design for their clients’ garage doors. It can offer classic look for all homeowners who want to decorate their garage doors.

When people want to use this design, they can still move up and down their garage doors easily. This design is very flexible and comfortable for most customers. It can be decorated with additional accessories, such as hinges and handles. Those accessories are very useful to improve the overall look of the garage door. However, people need to combine those accessories properly. Great combination of those accessories can improve the overall garage door appearance. This design can be used in any types of garage doors easily. This is another reason why many people want to use this type of design.

Contemporary aluminum design

contemporary-style-garage-doorsSome people are interested with this design. This is another great design for the garage door. It can create dramatic statement on the door. Aluminum is chosen because this material is very durable for long period of time. It can last for a few years without having any serious issues. This design can be used by combining the aluminum material with the full view glass. The combination of those materials can increase the overall look of the garage door. It can be a perfect choice for people who love contemporary design. It is very easy to decorate a garage door with this type of design.

They are some types of garage door designs that people can choose easily. It is a good idea to contact the best interior design service company today. This company usually has some reliable interior designers. They usually know how to decorate any types of garage doors easily. Decorating the garage door is very effective to increase the appearance of this door. It can improve the appearance of the home’s exterior significantly. It can enhance the curb appeal effectively. Don’t forget to choose the best garage door styles that are available on the market today.

how to maintain your garage doorMost homeowners are troubled by problems with their garage doors. Unfortunately, people overlook maintenance until it is too late, and they have to get costly repairs. Preventive measures can make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of money on repairs or replacement. With some simple tips, maintaining a garage door is easy. However, how you maintain it primarily depends on the material. Though you can choose from many different materials, here are two popular choices among homeowners.

Wood Doors – It is not a secret that wood doors require more maintenance. Most homeowners do not make any efforts to protect the paint on the inside of the door. Paint not only enhances the aesthetic appeal, but also keeps wood from warping and rotting. Thus, repainting the inside of your garage door is necessary every 2-3 years.

Pre-Insulated Steel Doors – According to experts, most homeowners consider pre-insulated steel doors. The primary reason is that such doors can regulate the temperature in your garage. Without proper insulation, your garage may lower the overall temperature in your home and increase your energy bills. Most importantly, steel doors don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Testing Your Door

In order to prevent costly repairs and future problems, you need to take some preventive measures. Thus, you should test your door on a regular basis. This can be done within a few seconds. Whether your door is electric or manual, it should stay about halfway down or up without falling.

In case the door falls down or shoots up too quickly, there might be some balancing problem. When your door is still up, it should be hanging equally toward the sides. Most importantly, when you are operating the garage door manually, it should not feel too heavy.

Garage Door Maintenance Schedule

According to experts, you need to take certain steps on a regular basis. For instance, spray some lubricant on your garage door every 6 months. While spraying the lubricant, you should focus on the moving parts, and stay away from the motor. The lubricant should be sprayed only on the hinges, bearing plates, rollers, springs and moving parts. In case you are using a wood door, you should check the bolts and nuts to make sure they are properly tightened.

Some Common Signs of Garage Door Problems

Fortunately, most garage door problems can be easily recognized by simple signs. For instance, when you hear some unusual noise while operating the door, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with the door. Another common sign is when you need to press the door’s button multiple times to make it work. You garage door should always open smoothly on pressing the button.

When the door’s not opening properly, most homeowners think there’s something wrong with the motor. However, the problem may be related to the door opener. In order to check the problem, you should open the door manually. If the problem is with the motor, you will be able to lift the door easily.

In order to further check the problem, you should lower the door to the ground. However, you need to be careful, and make sure you don’t hurt someone or damage the door. Once the door reaches the floor, you should use the manual release features, and disconnect the motor from the door.

Once you are done, you should try to lift the door. If the problem is with the motor, it won’t be hard to close or open the door. In case you can’t lift the door or it feels too heavy, the problem may be with the door or electrical components.

Hire Professionals

When it comes to garage door maintenance, it’s always better to hire professionals for the job. You need to make sure you hire an experienced and reputed company to handle maintenance tasks and repairs. Some problems where you should definitely call professionals include :

● Spring Balance

● Force Adjustment

● Rail Lubrication

● Cable Jumps

● Winter Care

Preventive measures can keep your garage door in perfect shape. However, some tasks should be left to professionals. These days, you can easily hire a professional garage door maintenance company online. You just need to spend some time on your research. This will make sure you hire a good company. The company should be experienced and hire only qualified professionals.

Garage door winter is coming memeMost homeowners usually want to take care of their garage doors. They always want to maintain the quality of their doors effectively. There are some important factors that can effect the overall quality of the garage door, including weather. There are some common garage door problems during the winter. It is a good idea to take a look at some possible problems for learning how to treat those problems immediately. It means that they are able to find the right solution for solving those problems. Here are some common issues of any garage doors during winter season.

1. Garage door sticks to the ground

This is the main problem that people usually have. Garage door may stick to the ground because of the accumulated snow and ice. Ice blocks can build up around the seal. This condition can lead to the sticky garage door. It is important to remove any ice or snow from the door immediately. This tip is very useful to help all homeowners solve this problem immediately.

2. Broken motor

Some motors are not created to withstand against cold weather. Some of them may stop functioning well during the winter season. This situation can be challenging for all homeowners who have automatic garage door. They should bring their motors to repair service companies. It is a good idea to replace some broken parts in the motor when it is necessary. This type of repair should be done by professional engineers or technicians.

3. Broken springs

This is another common issue that may occur during winter season. Some people are suffering from the broken garage door springs. These springs play important role in supporting the door. When they are broken, the garage door may not function well. When this situation happens, people should replace any broken springs immediately. They can find a lot of types of garage door springs that are suitable for their needs.

They are some common problems that may happen in any garage doors, especially during winter season. When people want to take care of their doors, they should follow some of those tips above. In some cases, all homeowners should hire professional garage door repair service. This type of service is available for all customers who want to solve any garage door problems easily without having any further issues. It is recommended for all customers to compare some available repair service companies before selecting the best door service company today.

With new technology, the world around us is greatly revolutionizing and getting smarter. One area that is noticeably getting revolutionized is door locks. This has been the case since internet enabled locks are now available in the market that are providing new and better ways to secure and share access to our commercial industries and homes. With new smart locks, our homes have become automated and we no longer need to worry about losing or misplacing keys or seeking the help of locksmith who will design technical locks that will improve the security of our homesteads. With smart locks, you no longer need to worry whether you have locked your door behind you or where you have took your keys. If you need smart locks installed in your Chandler AZ home, why not call the Chandler Locksmith Pros. You can find their website at www.chandlerlocksmithpros.net.

Many of the smart locks available in the market today can be unlock and locked via Bluetooth, SMS or Wi-Fi and some have touch screen and keypads for automated control. Some of the best available smart locks that are revolutionizing the security of our homes include;

Genie smart locks
Genie smart lock is one of the smart lock that is moving the security of our homes to the next level. The smart lock records the home in and out activity and can be locked or unlocked through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Genie smart lock allows anyone to use their phone to unlock or lock the smart lock by sending a Bluetooth key via their mobile device. To prevent the Bluetooth key feature from being abused, the genie smart lock records everyone who was in your house as long as they used the door.

Goji smart lock
This is a smart lock that has a unique feature which is able to take snapshots of individuals who enter through your door. The smart lock is compatible with mobile application that has all lock activity. This means that the lock will be able to record and take pictures of those visitors who opened and closed the door. Such pictures can easily be reviewed through your mobile device irrespective of where you are. In addition, you can configure your lock system to have the key that expire after a given duration. This means that if your visitor is coming to pay you a visit on Sunday, you can provide him or her with a key that is valid for only that particular day.

OKIDOKEYS smart lock
This is a special smart door lock that can easily be installed within a few minutes using a pair of screwdrivers. Once the smart lock is set up at the right position on the door, you can set up the key system using a wide range of devices such as unlock cards, wristbands, physical keys or using your Smartphone. The smart lock provides different opening rules which provide you with an opportunity to customize how your door should be opened. This gives you a chance to configure your smart lock in a way that will increase your security.

August smart lock
august-smart-lock-installation-chandler-azWhat makes august smart lock unique smart lock is its automatic locking system. This means that it automatically unlocks when you comes near the door with your configured mobile device. The smart lock again automatically locks when you leave the house.