Nothing signals the arrival of  Christmas light hanging service  more than lights being strung up around people’s houses and in the streets. Those twinkling bulbs are wonderful for lighting up the home and bringing Christmas spirit indoors. Lights however are not just for Christmas. There is no reason that lights shouldn’t be used in the home and garden throughout the year as the small twinkling bulbs and illumination they provide makes for a warm and cosy ambience at any time of the year.

Small lights for the home have gone through a bit of a dramatic change in recent years. Technology has progressed somewhat and now those fiddly filament bulbs that seemed to break with the slightest touch and trip the electricity as soon as a toaster was used at the same time have been replaced with a funky and efficient variety of light emitting diodes. Not only are these types of lights much more energy efficient saving up to 90% of energy used by the previous filament bulbs, but they last much longer and the glow they give out is much brighter too. They are also able to be handled without the threat of being broken! The way small lights are powered has changed too and nowadays it is possible to buy solar operated lights as well as battery operated packs. Battery powered lights in particular dramatically cut the amount of wires on display and enable the lights to be placed anywhere at all as there is no need for a power supply to be close by.

One of the nice things about lights for the home is that they are so variable. There are a whole host of different colours available and plenty of different types of illumination too. Flashing, flickering, pulsing or a mixture of all are just some of the different lighting effects available. Often the surrounding bulbs are different shapes and sizes too. Lights encased in stars or angels or icicles or even fairies themselves are just some of the most popular types of Christmas lights that people choose to display.

Small lights for the home or garden should not just be saved for Christmas however. They look great in the home throughout the year and can even be used in the garden to provide a social and party atmosphere.

In the home, small golden lights look amazing when wrapped around furniture, strung from the beams or used to line mirrors or pictures hanging on the walls. They can also be used behind pieces of fabric so at night a mysterious and warm glow softly illuminates a room. They also look fabulous when weaved in amongst indoor shrubs and plants in much the same way as they do when on the Christmas tree in fact.

In the garden it is important to get special outdoor lights as traditional indoor wiring and rain do not mix well. Small lights can be used in trees to provide illumination against the night sky. They can also be used to highlight certain aspects of the garden such as plants or ornaments.

One innovative way to use little lights is by weaving a battery operated selection amongst the branches of some trees to provide a starry canopy underneath which to sit. The next time you are entertaining guests you should seat the dinner table underneath the tree for a romantic and stylish atmosphere.

The wonderful effect of Christmas light hanging service that fairy lights and LED lights have on the home and garden make them a year round decoration. LED Christmas lights continue to be the most popular type to use, although this is a shame as fairy lights can bring style and elegance into the home and garden all year round at very little cost. Try hanging up one or two sets around the home to see for yourself! There is no way after Christmas you will be wanting to take them home, so instead leave them up and continue to enjoy their sparkle!