Garage Door Size Guide

If you are thinking about getting a fresh garage door, you are most likely wondering what size your garage door would be. It’s really a good query. The size of the garage door will influence several matters, including how a garage door substitute will probably cost, just how deep your doorway is and exactly what kids of all garage doors are all obtainable to you personally. If you really interested to know more details read the whole content about Garage Door Size information tips then garage door openers Tempe AZ will help you.

Average size Of One Car Garage Doors


As you’re likely aware, all garage doors are not the exact size. How big your door is based partly on the magnitude of your garage, or so the size of a one-car garage door will be smaller compared to extent of a two-car garage doorway, which may be smaller than an industrial door or even an RV door.


All standard residential one-car garage doors designed for ordinary cars are seven feet high. How broad they’ve been could vary. Your door will usually be either 8′ x 7′, 9′ x 7′ or 10′ x7′. You shouldn’t have any trouble matching a full-size car, SUV or possibly a pickup van or truck by means of a door.

Average size Of Two Car Garage Doors


If your own garage is huge enough to support two cars, the doorway will often likewise be large enough for two cars to get out. The garage door delivers extra safety and advantage for a car which is trying to become in or out when there has another car parked at the garage.


For a double garage doorway, average size measurements are 12′ x 7′, 14′ x7′ and 16′ x7′. Since you can observe, the tiniest double garage door is simply marginally wider than the wide set lone doorway, whereas the broadest double door is double as wide as the normal door. This bigger door is also helpful when you have a remarkably wide motor vehicle.


For those who have something as an RV or a larger truck, these dual door doors will probably not be big enough to allow for them. In such cases, you will require a RV garage door that is close to 16′ wide and 8′ tall. You can also desire a garage which may adopt the extra height and duration of an oversized vehicle.


All this information is fantastic, however, nonetheless, it still doesn’t tell you how big your particular garage-door will be. To find out that for sure, you have to quantify it yourself. An easy tape step along with your phone’s tape measure program should be all you could need to do the trick.

You can be sure the elevation of the door is ‘, but you must test it again anyway. Calculate from the middle of this doorway in the location in which it fully retracts into the overhead of your own garage to the ground. After that, measure the width of the entranceway by the center of just one aspect of this opening to the opposite side. Your door’s thickness will most likely not be a problem, however, nevertheless, it can’t harm to quantify it again anyway. Check your measurements to make sure to own it correctly.

What Regarding Your Garage Door Measurement

Thus, now you understand the magnitude of your door. What should you really do with all this particular information? If you’ve needed your garage door for any time, this might possibly be a terrific chance to explore replacing it.

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